Free data scientists from the drudgery of data preparation. Introducing DefinedData, an online catalog of high-quality, ready-to-use datasets annotated and validated by a global crowd of over 290,000 contributors.

How much time could you save?

DefinedData is a Time Saver

Now you don't need to spend time annotating and validating data. It's done for you.

DefinedData is Fast

With DefinedData, building baseline models, improving existing models, or adapting live models is much faster.

DefinedData is Flexible

Choose from a one-time download, or our discounted subscription options ‐ whichever fits your needs.

DefinedData is Varied

Our off-the-shelf datasets are available in multiple languages, domains and recording types.

Data For Every Use

Whether you're building a prototype, or minimum viable product; evaluating or benchmarking current models; building synthetic datasets; or simply needing quality data fast, our continually updated library of datasets will help you quickly achieve your AI goals.

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